Rules and Regulations

T. Amirejibi VIII International Piano Competition in Borjomi
October 21-25th, 2022 ----- Borjomi, Georgia

Founded by the Classical Music Development Fund

General Rules of the Competition

1. The T. Amirejibi VIII International Piano Competition will be held from October 21 to 25, 2022 in Borjomi, Georgia.
2. The Competition consists of 4 age categories and it is open for pianists of all nationalities.
3. The Competition is open to the public.
4. The program shall be performed from memory.
5. No changes in the submitted program will be accepted.
6. Deadline for sending all required documents is September 30th, 2022.
7. All contestants are encouraged to attend the Opening Ceremony.
8. All contestants must submit a photo with the online application on web-site:, the copy of Passport and the copy of payment receipt. The photo must be at minimum 3000x3400 pixels in size, and must be a jpg format.
9. During each Round, the contestant’s performance will be in accordance with the order determined by the draw. The order of performance will remain the same in the event of round advancement.
10. All contestants must be ready and willing to perform earlier or later than their scheduled time due to any cancelations or unforeseen schedule changes.
11. The same piece may not be performed more than once over the course of the Competition.
12. The length of the program may not exceed the allotted time as stated in the repertoire requirements. If the repertoire submitted is rejected due to its length, a re-submission will be allowed. No exceptions will be considered or permitted.
13. The Jury has the right to:
a) stop the contestants during the performance for any reason.
b) withhold or divide the prizes
c) Any member of the Jury may present a competitor who is his/her student, but may not have right to vote for him/her.
14. All decisions of the Jury are final and beyond appeal.
15. Contacting Jury members before or during the Competition is not permitted.
16. All prizewinners must perform in the Winners Concert in order to receive awards. Monetary prizes will be paid via Georgian Bank within 30 days of the conclusion of the Competition.
17. All contestants are responsible for their own expenses. They are free to make whatever arrangements they like. Directorate of the Competition can only help them to find proper accommodation. Please, contact the Competition organizing committee via e-mail: borjomicompetition@hotmail. com, or by phone at (+995) 577 214414

Age Categories and Fees

Age Category Fee
6-9 I 40 GEL
10-12 II 60 GEL
13-15 III 80 GEL
16-25 IV 100 GEL

Repertoire Requirements

Submitted repertoire is subject to approval by the Competition Artistic Committee

I Category
One Round Only
Performance Duration: No more than 10 minutes of contestant’s choice

II Category
One Round Only
Performance Duration: No more than 15 minutes of contestant’s choice

III Category
One Round Only
Performance Duration: No more than 20 minutes of contestant’s choice

IV Category
Two Rounds

Round One
Performance Duration: No more than 25 minutes
Three competitors will advance to the second round
Round Two
Performance Duration: No more than 40 minutes
Contestants must include a piece by Chopin in either Round One or Round Two
The same piece may not be performed in a subsequent round

Awards and Prizes

I Category
First Prize 400 GEL
Second Prize 300 GEL
Third Prize 200 GEL
Prizes are taxable
II Category
First Prize 800 GEL
Second Prize 500 GEL
Third Prize 300 GEL
Prizes are taxable
III Category
First Prize 900 GEL
Second Prize 700 GEL
Third Prize 400 GEL
Prizes are taxable
IV Category
First Prize 5000 GEL
Second Prize 3000 GEL
Third Prize 2000 GEL
Prizes are taxable

Jury may give monetary or other special prizes and awards to the contestants. These prizes and awards will be announced at the closing ceremony.